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Handcrafted Titanium Rings: A Reflection of Your Relationship

Handcrafted Titanium Rings: A Reflection of Your Relationship 0

Handcrafted Titanium Rings: A Reflection of Your Relationship

 Handcrafted Titanium Rings

Finding another soul on this earth with whom you want to share your life is a major milestone. It represents the synergy that two unique beings create when they come together in love. The titanium rings that we craft at Titanium Rings Studio are designed to symbolize this unique relationship between you and your loved one.


A ring is a symbol, a celebration, a personal triumph, and a declaration of something deeper that is often too difficult to put into words. The more you think about what a ring symbolizes, the less sense it makes that most rings are mass produced on a lathe or a mill, soullessly put together and shipped out with an attitude that implies something commonplace and ordinary.


Titanium Rings Studio: Designing Your Life

If a ring is a reflection of your relationship, shouldn’t it be a one of a kind item that will never be duplicated in the exact same way again? That’s what we believe at Titanium Rings Studio. In our artisan facility here in Nevada City, California all the titanium rings we create are custom made and finished by our highly skilled, artist and craftsman. Couples seeking the perfect titanium wedding rings or promise rings come to us for bands that are original, made-to-order, and dazzling in their aesthetic elegance. We use that same attention to fine quality and detail to create a tribute to these unique relationships.

 Titanium Gold and Platinum Ring

Titanium wedding bands, promise rings and friendship rings made at Titanium Rings Studio are available in an endless variety of styles, and are customized to meet your exact needs. From the more contemporary styles with our Design 22 collection to the more traditional rings, making use of precious metals, in our Titanium Platinum and Titanium Gold collections, we’re working to create a wide variety of wedding bands to suit all tastes in style.


Titanium Wedding Rings that Reflect Your Lifestyle

Our in-studio craftsman handcrafts titanium wedding ring in an amazing array of design options. Titanium rings can be ordered in black, blue, or in special alloys of gold, sable and platinum. You can customize your ring channels or take frost titanium selections out for some rougher handling. Or you can work with a member of our creative team to develop totally unique designer wedding rings for you and you’re partner-to-be.


If your personalities are better represented by colorful displays and richly textured Celtic Wedding Ring Setpatterns, try the embossed Exotica selection titanium rings or the Celtic line of titanium rings. These offer appropriate symbolism and eye-catching tones of red, green, blue and purple. Boone rings feature some of the boldest and most innovative designs in shape and style, including the carved series, color inlays and laser inlays.

 Every time we receive an order for titanium wedding rings, promise rings, or friendship rings we know that we are part of something special, something greater than any one of us alone could ever be. That’s why we go out of our way to customize your titanium ring selections. In fact, we won’t even start to create a single ring until you give us the "go ahead". It’s your personal vision of your relationship that allows us to create the unique custom titanium rings that we offer.

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Titanium Wedding Rings Are a Big Hit With Couples

Titanium Wedding Rings Are a Big Hit With Couples 0

Titanium Wedding Rings Are a Big Hit With Couples

Every marriage is a unique union of two individuals. The great care and attention to detail that often goes into wedding plans can include the selection and creation of the wedding rings. Couples enjoy the option of having their wedding rings handcrafted for them personally by a skilled artisan. Titanium Rings Studio has a wide selection of titanium wedding rings and has helped numerous couples over the years to celebrate marriage with handcrafted rings and wedding ring sets.

 Titanium Wedding Bands

A wedding is a time for indulging in special services such as a tailored dress, a beautiful cake, catering, hairdressers, photography, and musicians. Out of all these wonderful luxuries, your wedding rings will be the most lasting keepsake of your wedding day that you can admire every day for years. Because wedding rings offer this chance for permanent enjoyment, couples view handcrafted titanium wedding rings as a sensible way to lavish themselves with a meaningful symbol of their commitment to each other.

 Wedding rings are arguably the most important symbol of marriage. The act of placing the rings on each others fingers is incorporated into the exchange of vows. With this to consider, some couples decide to have their wedding rings created by studio artisans instead of buying rings from a big, faceless jewelry retail chain. It makes sense. For example, a skilled florist is usually engaged for the wedding flowers instead of picking up generic bouquets at the grocery store.

 Having wedding rings handcrafted by a skilled artisan is an option that couples should explore. Feedback from previous customers of Titanium Rings Studio indicates a high level of satisfaction with the titanium wedding rings we have crafted. Your blossoming partnership has been made by two unique people and personalized handcrafted wedding rings offer a perfect way of representing your special union.

The Thin Blue Line – Law Enforcement Officers Choose The Thin Blue Line Titanium Rings

The Thin Blue Line – Law Enforcement Officers Choose The Thin Blue Line Titanium Rings 0

 The Thin Blue Line – Law Enforcement Officers Choose The Thin Blue Line Titanium Rings

Law Enforcement Officer

Titanium rings and police officers have a lot in common. They are tough and roll with the punches all while looking good.


Being a law enforcement officer is more than a job. It's about your dedication to protecting people and enforcing the law. It's about taking your place on the thin blue line that separates society from disorder, and there are times when you need to honor your service with something tangible – a solid and beautiful symbol of what your duty means to you and others.


Titanium rings, especially when they include blue lines in their designs, make an attractive and durable gift for law enforcement officers. A career milestone like an academy graduation, promotion, or retirement can be celebrated with the gift of a titanium ring. Officers that frequently work together might also choose to build camaraderie by getting custom titanium rings.

Thin Blue Line Titaniujm Ring

 Titanium provides an excellent material for making jewelry worn by active people. The metal is resistant to corrosion and scratching. Lightweight and nearly as strong as steel, titanium embodies the virtues of law enforcement officers who must react quickly and with resolve.

An anodizing treatment to grooves cut into titanium rings creates a marvelous blue that looks great next to the soft shine of titanium. You could consider your titanium ring as a badge for your finger.

Law enforcement officers contribute uniquely to society. They do a job that most people would never do. There's no question about it. You deserve to be rewarded with a titanium ring handcrafted as your personal symbol of your chosen career.

Titanium Ring Maintenance, Care and Cleaning 1

Do titanium rings require maintenance? The short answer is no. Titanium rings are tarnish-proof, extremely corrosion-resistant, and one of the most durable metals known to humankind. That said, titanium is not invulnerable, and can be affected is a number of ways. The most common issue is a titanium ring becoming dirty. In this event, simply use any household cleaning product, such as dish soap or window cleaner, rinse with water, and dry with a towel. Due to titanium's corrosion-resistance, you don't have to worry about ruining the facade with any household chemicals (in fact, only the most concentrated acids can affect it). Titanium rings with high-polish finishes are more prone to scratches if a scrape or impact is severe enough. If this happens, you may have to have your titanium ring polished - fortunately, however, all the solutions are low-cost. Click here to have your titanium ring re-polished. You can also try a cream metal polish if the problem is not severe. Be warned, however, that certain titanium ring types must be handled with caution. They are: anodized (colored) rings, inlayed (or two-tone) rings, and stone-set rings. In general, it is better to clean these with a half-ammonia (such as Windex), half-water solution and soak for several minutes. Air dry on a soft towel and repeat as necessary until clean. The need for caution with these ring types is not to protect the titanium, but the other metals, gems and oxide layers.

Valentine’s Day Tradition and Love Expressed Through Giving 0

   What a golden opportunity this Valentine’s Day is to start a new tradition of giving. Love is the greatest gift we humans have to offer and I just want to wrap my arms around everyone! It’s February and love is in the air. Spring is coming, and Valentine’s Day ushers in a new round of giving. Really this holiday is exceptional because it is an opportunity to stop and think about what your partner, spouse, girlfriend, or lover, if you will, means to you. Think about the impact this day can have on the rest of your lives together. It is a whole day for lovers. It is a day that invites us to be ridiculously in love with full permission to express it! How cool is that? Our everyday lives can take some of the zest out of romance if not remove it completely if we let it. I mean, who has time? Valentine’s Day is the day to create time for love. This could be the year to start your Valentine’s Day tradition and this is my invitation to all of us to step into the air of love. Give hugs; give flowers, cards, chocolates and jewels. Give compliments, it is so easy to be generous. We have nothing to lose on a holiday that just begs us to make fools of ourselves. As I write this I am dreaming of candles, music, a stroll on a wooded knoll. I will gaze into my husband’s eyes and remember the first time I met him. I want to tell him he is everything to me and without him I would be lost. I am a fool in love and if I don’t tell him now, Valentine’s Day will pass and I will again be pulled into the daily routine, on the hamster wheel of life and the moment will be lost. Valentine’s Day is in itself a gift to us all. Start your new tradition of giving this year and feel the love!
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Working It All Out 0

  2013 was a tough year! In our world of titanium rings, the year began with a change of ownership and in the midst of our celebration, my breast cancer diagnosis. Just as my partner, Jacob Hansard, and I were taking charge at the helm for Titanium Rings Studio, I was promptly plunked into cancer treatment hell. This was not the way to start the New Year! However, we managed to take charge of a teetering business amidst a struggling economy while creating a new look and navigation for the web site. Hence our recent re-launch of the site with an updated new look that has been long overdue. It is a testament to our commitment and ability as a team to work together in the face of great challenges! I have to say here that I have the best business partner ever, because while I was going through the life-changing experience of cancer treatment, Jake was completely supportive…ready to step in wherever I fell out. I can’t thank you enough Jake! I also discovered that being on the phone with customers was absolutely therapeutic for me. I couldn’t be feeling pitiful and still be effective for our customers, so I found myself stepping outside of my pain and self-pity in order to be there for our customers, and that kept me strong. So, while there is never a shortage of work to be done both in the studio and on the web site, we are extremely grateful to have achieved such milestones in the face of extraordinary adversity. We invite you with warm hearts and proud faces to our website, Titanium Rings Studio and welcome any and all feedback. Jake and I have grown into our administrative roles, liberated from all confines, we are reveling in this newfound artistic freedom and ability to control every facet of our business. And I am now cancer free! As you browse the site be sure to check out our variety of Men's Titanium Wedding Bands, Playful Promise Rings and Black Titanium Rings. Included here are Thin Blue Line Titanium Rings as well as Titanium Diamond Rings and so much more. Jake and I are ready for 2014! We’re ready for a year of creative brainstorming and discovering what else can be done with titanium jewelry. Perhaps this is the year we can play with meteorite inlays! And I will get my hair back! We look forward to this being the year of great health and living life to the fullest and we want to do our part to make this true for you as well. Let’s celebrate!
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