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  • Who We Are

    * We have been working with titanium for over 14 years.

    * We are artist's first, machinist's second. Our rings are not mass-produced on a CNC lathe or mill. Each piece has been shaped and sculpted by qualified and skilled artists.

    * We stand behind our product 100% and will give you with the best in customer care and satisfaction! Count on it!

    * Titanium Rings Studio was established in 1988 purely out of a love for titanium.

    Custom Design

    • Each piece we make is closely scrutinized in magnified detail. Every step of the evolution and creation of your ring is considered with you in mind. We make each unique custom titanium band as though it will be worn by one of us for life. This is who we are and what we stand for at Titanium Rings Studio.
    • Our wedding bands, promise and friendship rings are about love, connection and personal style. They state who you are, what you are about and where your heart is, for him or her.
    • We are out to surprise and delight the people who will be wearing our creations! That is where the fun and excitement is for us. There are few things more personal or real than true craftsmanship, and this is what we bring to you every time we create our titanium rings.
    • Keep in mind as you browse, that we custom-make each ring. Your ring is made for you when you place an order. This is true of our titanium diamond rings as well. We only stock the raw materials.

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