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Titanium Friendship RingsFriendship rings are a wonderful way to utilize the wearing of jewelry to signify one’s caring and devotion for another. These rings may have the significance of friendship between individuals or love between individuals. They are a type of promise ring that says to the other person, “You mean so much to me and I will wear this piece of jewelry to show just how much”. There are many different styles of friendship rings available today and the type of ring you choose to wear depends solely upon your likes and dislikes with regard to ring type.

History of the Friendship Ring

A friendship ring may also be referred to as a promise ring, although the term promise ring may have a wider definition so as to include a promise of love and/or fidelity. Friendship rings or promise rings came into existence between the 1500’s and 1600’s when they were exchanged to show friendship and devotion to another. These types of rings were worn by individuals who wanted to wear something that showed the purity of their friendship.

Styles of Friendship Rings

There are many different styles which can be chosen by individuals as their friendship rings. Some people prefer to wear simple bands as friendship rings while others prefer a more snazzy type of ring. Friendship rings may also differ in style from giver to recipient as one individual may like something that varies in style from the other person’s ring. Friendship rings may also be purchased with a variety of extras as well. Often, friendship rings will have gemstones embedded within them or have a two-tone metal mixture which makes them even more unique. Friendship rings are also available in different styles for men and women.

There really is no definitive friendship ring style. One could choose a diamond ring as a friendship ring although it might just be mistaken for an engagement ring which would necessitate quite a bit of explaining on a daily basis. It is important to know that you most likely won’t be able to go to a department store or jewelry store and browse through a friendship ring section. Simply look at every style of ring the store has to offer and then decide which ring is most suitable as a friendship ring.

Price Range of Friendship Rings

As there is no specific type of ring that qualifies strictly as a friendship ring, the price range will vary greatly and it is up to you and the other person with regard to how much you actually spend on your ring purchase. If you do not have that much money which you are able to spend on a friendship ring and are looking to be as thrifty as possible, why not choose a simple silver ring as your friendship ring. If a plain silver band is too drab for your taste, you can always look at silver bands with semiprecious stones. By choosing a ring of this type you will be able to obtain a nice ring with a little something extra but still have some money left in your pocket afterwards. On the other hand, if money is no object, you could very well purchase a platinum ring with gemstones in it. The choice is entirely up to you. By having a set budget prior to ring shopping, you will know how much you are able to spend before walking into the jewelry store and this may make your shopping trip a little easier.

Where to Purchase Friendship Rings

There are a number of retailers that supply rings which can pass as friendship rings. If you are looking to spend a set amount of money and are unable to spend too much money on a ring of this sort, department stores may just be your best bet. The jewelry departments at department stores are wonderful because they often have a wide selection from which to choose your piece of jewelry. Also, by shopping for your friendship ring at a department store you may be able to take advantage of clearance sales that department stores frequently have where they place large discounts on certain jewelry items.

Another place in which to purchase your friendship rings is a jewelry store. These types of stores may be a bit pricier than department stores and they may not have as many good clearance sales as other types of stores may have. However, if you don’t really have a set budget and are looking to purchase a high end item, then a jewelry store might just be what you are looking for with regard to finding the perfect friendship ring.

Lastly, the internet is a wonderful tool to utilize when purchasing friendship rings. If you know your ring size and style of ring you are looking for, you may just find a friendship ring that strikes your fancy on a website. Shopping for rings via a website may also yield a better deal than shopping in person.

If this information regarding friendship rings sounds like something you might like, why not bring up the idea of obtaining friendship rings with your friend and see if this is something the two of you would like to pursue. If so, there are so many beautiful rings out there just waiting to be purchased and used as friendship rings.

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