Titanium Rings Ring Sizing

Titanium Ring Sizing

US Free Sizing Kit


We can make it easy for you when you order our complimentary sizing kit while placing your order. Simply select "US Free Ring Sizer" from the size selection menu on any item page.

We offer a free ring sizer with purchase! If you would like us to send you a complimentary kit, please select “Ring Sizer” from the dropdown for size selection on the product page.

* Let us work with you, to ensure you have your rings on time and fitting perfectly. Your thoughtful consideration in determining your size accurately is well worth the effort. We cannot stress this enough! Let's work together to get you the ring you will love and cherish for years to come.

* The width of our rings ranges from 3.5 to 10 millimeters, again depending on style. When selecting a width that works for you, it may help to keep in mind that the average width on a woman's ring ranges between 3.5mm to 6mm. For a man's ring the average range is 7mm to 10mm. The width that is most comfortable can be determined by measuring the distance between the first knuckle and the web between the fingers.

Sizing suggestions:

*You may go to any local jewelers and have them size your finger. Most jewelers are more than happy to help. We suggest you do this three times, since your ring size may fluctuate at different times of the day. Also, keep in mind that jewelers sizing equipment is not standardized. You may want to visit more than one jeweler.

*Ask us for a complimentary ring sizing kit! One of the easiest ways to get it right the first time is to place your order and when selecting ring size, click on "Ring Sizer" located as the first option in the size menu. We will mail a ring sizing kit out to you the same day.

* Fingers have a tendency to fluctuate in size throughout the day and night in response to activity levels and temperature changes. After you've tried ring sizing a few times throughout the day(s) to allow for swelling and contracting.

* Titanium cannot be sized smaller so we advise you to be sure of your size!

* Each ring will be made to the exact size that you specify so please be absolutely sure of your size before you order! To remake your ring due to customer sizing mistakes we must charge 35% of the original ring price.

* We can not resize rings with stone settings. When ordering a stone set ring, you really must get our sizing kit!