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Titanium Rings Studio: Emergency Ring Removal

While we recommend taking off jewelry (whether it is titanium or any other metal) before working with heavy machinery, or participating in any risky physical activity, such as rock climbing, yard work, construction, sports…we understand that accidents do happen. 
In case of injury to the finger wearing the ring, the first action to take is removing the ring before swelling occurs. This may require the use of any lubricant available. Raising the arm will allow blood flow to return to the body and away from the finger. Also, applying ice to reduce inflammation can be helpful.

In addition, there is a known method, shown here, for ring removal on a swollen finger which may work well in some instances.

If the ring must be cut off, you will find that most hospitals are well prepared.We encourage you to call your local emergency facilities to get information from them regarding titanium ring removal.

The rumor that titanium cannot be cut has no basis in fact and was likely started by jewelers whose sales may have been threatened as titanium jewelry became more popular. If titanium could not be cut using tools, then we could not be making rings with it!

In my own experience I have cut through all grades of titanium very quickly using a portable motorized tool, such as a Dremel, or flexible shaft tool with a cut-off disc. Ring cutters can be purchased from a rescue supply company for Public Safety Professionals at ChiefSupply.com. Dremel tools can be purchased at home centers.

Cutting a titanium ring can be performed with standard jewelry ring cutters, available throughout the industry. However we recommend a cut-off wheel as it penetrates titanium Grade 6-4 very quickly and is easy to get. As in any cutting process, the quality and sharpness of cutting edge will determine the length of time required to cut through the metal. Since titanium can be thicker, stronger and harder than conventional materials, the cutting process will take a bit longer and often requires a second cut on the opposite side of the band.

DO NOT try to use bolt cutters as they could crush the ring and lacerate your finger.


This information is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. Complete reliance on our advice without regarding the advice of a professional medical practitioner, in the case of an emergency, is at your own risk.