Black Zirconium RingBlack Zirconium Rings. Modern high heat techniques enhance the element zirconium into a compelling and unique jewelry metal. Zirconium begins as a lustrous grayish white metal, high temperatures transform the surface of the zirconium to a black ceramic-like coating that is durable and very scratch resistant.This hard shiny surface also takes on a dark mirror-like look, and therefore rings made with this process are called black zirconium rings. They possess a glossy darkness much like volcanic glass.
Because of its strength and corrosion resistance, zirconium is a very easy next step for titanium artisans. These zirconium bands featured in Titanium Rings Studio have colored designs carved into polished black zirconium rings, jewel-settings, and inlays off precious metals, hardwood, and carbon fibers. This collection off black zirconium rings also offers jewelry wearers durable works of art in the coolest new space age materials. Imagine the conversation piece value of Zirconium!

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Black Zirconium Rings

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