Boone Guarantee


Our Policy is simple: Whatever it takes. The best guarantee in the business including the 4 R's:

Resizing: Boone Titanium Rings are made to very tight tolerances. Sizing is normally made to theoretical sizing to within about 1/3 of a width of hair. Unfortunately, most jewelers don't work to such tolerances. It pays to get multiple fittings with metal sizing rings. The tapered rod measuring method doesn't take width or internal radii into account, so are sometimes off.  Using paper or plastic sizers will definitely give poor results; sometimes several sizes off.  We will resize Signature Series rings once at no cost for 30 days. You just pay for return shipping. Others would be subject to a 20% remake fee with the exception of precious metal and mokume inlay rings, which would be subject to a 35% restock fee to help offset material costs. We ask that you send a payment of $10.00 for return shipping.

Reworking: We can add accent lines, change the width, make the ring with less curvature, add bevels, or change the internal radius. Again, return it within 30 days at no charge. We ask that you send a payment of $10.00 for return shipping.

Refinishing: Lifetime refinishing is free of charge. We can also change any finish to almost any other. Some rings with multiple finishes may have physical constraints preventing certain finishes in some locations. Just ask. We ask that you send a payment of $10.00 for return shipping.

Refund. We offer a refund up to 30 days after delivery. Returns for refund are subject to a 20% restock fee or 35% if there is a precious metal or Mokume inlay.  Shipping fees are not included.  Custom rings are non-refundable.

This warranty is applicable to the ring only. This includes CZ's. Damage or loss of precious stones are not covered by this warranty. Such stones should be covered by your homeowners policy. Please note that it may not be possible to resize or rework some tension set rings without re-crafting the ring. The 20% remake fee would apply in that case.