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About Our Titanium Rings

* The inside of your ring is as important as the outside. Shaped for unparalleled comfort and highly polished, the inside feels soft and smooth as silk on your finger. We take extra time to shape and polish the inside surface so it sits comfortably on fingers of all shapes and sizes.

* Titanium is a natural element (not an alloy). It is a strong and very light metal with an outstanding resistance to corrosion. In its raw state, titanium is sponge-like in form and is a smoky gray metal, appearing slightly darker in tone than platinum. For more on titanium, see Titanium Facts.

* Titanium rings are featherweight, approximately 30% the weight of platinum and much easier on your pocket book. And did we mention... titanium doesn't tarnish at all?

  •  Titanium Colors 
  • At Titanium Rings Studio we love to play with color. One of the wonderful qualities of titanium is that it takes color well and a titanium band contrasted with color is absolutely striking. Choosing a color for a titanium ring can be fun and remember, if you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us!


  •  Anodizing is one of the processes we use to bring color to a titanium ring. This process involves the use of an electrically charged bath, which creates colors that range according to voltage. The resulting appearance of color is actually a play of light on the surface of the titanium. There are no surface applications or dyes of any kind in the anodizing process. Furthermore, at Titanium Rings Studios, we choose to color surfaces that are cut channels in the titanium band to protect the color and promote staying power. If your titanium ring's coloring should fail, we will recolor the ring at no charge to you within the first 30 days following purchase. We offer this service to our customers for the life of the ring for a fee of $35.00.

  • The channels rarely need cleaning but when they do use an old soft toothbrush & soapy warm water (scrub gently).

Additional Coloring



  • For colors outside the anodizing spectrum, we offer an additional method using a powder coat treatment. This process offers coloring that is smooth and shiny as well as long lasting.

 Titanium Wear


  • Any rings with color...
  • Please avoid direct contact with household chemicals, acetone and pure essential oils. Clean with a mild soap.

    Titanium scratches…

    Contrary to popular belief, titanium will scratch and wear over time, it just takes a lot more time and a lot more abuse than other metals. Titanium will not break or wear down like soft metals. As with any rings, you should remove your titanium rings before doing any work with machinery or hazardous materials.
    Titanium scratches…



Refinishing Services

We will gladly refinish your ring for a small fee depending on the condition of the finish. Our policy is to consistently have satisfied customers, and an ongoing relationship with you, your family and friends.


  • Please note that while a titanium ring will never tarnish or rust, it will acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear or rough handling. Refinishing will take care of this. However, a titanium ring that has been worn over the years without refinishing will acquire a nice, even, personalized character, similar to a satin finish. Many people find this quite attractive; in fact, many people prefer their own unique finish that comes from wearing their ring. 

Titanium Ring Finishes

Matte: The matte finish is a more subdued, metallic and less reflective look, the color of steel. This finish follows frost in durability.

Polished: Brilliant and reflective, our polished finish is durable, elegant and eye catching, reflecting the world around you.

Sable: We developed this finish to give you a beautiful and distinguished look to your ring. Sable consists of softened tones of black and gray in an elegant glowing finish. While the Sable finish is beautiful, it does require preventative care.

Satin: With a reflective quality between Polished and Matte, Satin has a soft glow, subtle and beautiful. This is a finish to treat with care.

Frost: It sparkles in the sun and other well-lit places! Frost is our most durable finish.


    What is the sable finish?

    That is a trade secret, but we can tell you that we developed this finish to give you more options and a beautiful and distinguished look to your ring.

    Will the sable finish scratch?

    Yes, just like any other finish or texture it will wear with time. That is why we generally place the sable in the “non-strike” zone of the ring to help diminish scratching.


     Ring Width

     Titanium Ring Widths

    *For comparison only 

    • When choosing a width for your ring, keep in mind most of our rings are shown in 6 1/2-7mm width; rule of thumb: if you like what you see leave it be–we have designed appropriate proportions into each style. Call us if you have any doubt about what width to order. In many cases, when we make you a set in different widths & sizes we will use our artistic eye to alter the rings proportions properly. Imagine a ring set ordered in size 5 & size 12 both in 7mm, the smaller ring would appear much wider on the smaller finger. We try to avoid this unless you really want it.
    • We do invite you to choose your own ring width, but please keep in mind that it can alter the look of your ring, especially when it comes to inlay channels, just contact us for assistance, we're glad to help in any way we can.

     Ring Size


    • Let us work with you so that you will have your rings in your hand on time and fitting perfectly. Your thoughtful consideration in determining your size accurately is well worth the effort. We cannot stress this enough! Let's work together to get you the ring you will love and cherish for years to come.
    • If you have already bought your ring from us and it needs to be resized, please see our ring resizing instructions.
    • Our rings are available in sizes 31/2 to 14 in 1/4 increments depending on style. For a ring larger than size 14, there will be an additional fee of $50.00 for the extra material.
    • The width of our rings ranges from 3.5 to 17 millimeters, again depending on style. When selecting a width that works for you, it may help to keep in mind that the average width on a woman's ring ranges between 3.5mm to 6mm. For a man's ring the average range is 7mm to 10mm. The width that is most comfortable can be determined by measuring the distance between the first knuckle and the web between the fingers.

    Sizing suggestions:

    *You may go to any local jewelers and have them size your finger. Most jewelers are more than happy to help. We suggest you do this three times, since your ring size may fluctuate at different times of the day. Also, keep in mind that jewelers sizing equipment is not standardized. You may want to visit more than one jeweler.

    *Ask us for a complimentary ring sizing kit! One of the easiest ways to get it right the first time is to place your order and when selecting ring size, click on "Free Ring Sizer" located as the first option in the size menu. We will mail a ring sizing kit out to you the same day.
    * Fingers have a tendency to fluctuate in size throughout the day and night in response to activity levels and temperature changes. After you've tried ring sizing a few times throughout the day(s) to allow for swelling and contracting.
    * Titanium cannot be sized smaller so we advise you to be sure of your size!  


    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on most of our rings (The exceptions are specific custom designs, stone set rings and engraved rings) and even at that we will do what we can for you. We truly want to make sure all of our customers are satisfied.

    For full instructions on how to return a ring, please see Shipping and Returns .

    If you have already bought your ring from us and need to resize it, please see our ring resizing instructions .

    *Please note, custom designed rings are not returnable.

     Titanium Rings Studio

    • We have been working with titanium and it's alloys for over 20 years. We offer uniquely colored pieces and have extensive experience in the anodizing of titanium & it's alloys.
    • We are artists first, machinists second. Our rings are not mass produced on a CNC lathe or mill. Each piece has been shaped and sculpted by one of three qualified and skilled artists. Our policy is to make each ring as if it were for our own personal use or it won't get out the door!
    • You really will appreciate our craftsmanship. Titanium is a very tough metal to work with and it's worth the extra time for the unparalleled comfort feel and look.
    • We stand behind our product 100% and will give you with the best in customer care & satisfaction! Count on it!
    • Titanium Rings Studios was established in 1988 purely out of a love for titanium.