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Titanium Colors

At Titanium Rings Studio we love to play with color. One of the wonderful qualities of Titanium is that it takes color well and a Titanium band contrasted with color is absolutely striking! Choosing a color for a Titanium ring can be fun and remember, if you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Anodizing is one of the processes we use to bring color to a Titanium ring. This process involves the use of an electrically charged bath, which creates colors that range according to voltage. The resulting appearance of color is actually a play of light on the surface of the Titanium. There are no surface applications or dyes of any kind in the anodizing process. Furthermore, at Titanium Rings Studios, we choose to color surfaces that are cut channels in the Titanium band to protect the color and promote staying power. If your Titanium ring's coloring should fail, we will recolor the ring at no charge to you within the first 30 days following purchase.

Titanium Anodizing


Additional Coloring


Titanium Ring Colors
For colors outside the anodizing spectrum, we offer an additional method using an epoxy, resin treatment. This process offers coloring that is smooth and shiny as well as long lasting.