Irish Wedding Rings Bind Love with Tradition

Irish Wedding Rings Bind Love with Tradition

Irish Celtic Tradition Titanium Wedding Bands

Irish wedding rings evoke the epic landscape of the Emerald Isle. Celebrate the commitment of your marriage with symbols that will help your love last like the mossy stones of the Irish landscape and its enduring culture. Irish wedding rings are sometimes based on the Claddagh style, but classic Celtic designs provide spectacular inspiration as well.

Celtic knots on Irish wedding rings make for striking symbols of your union with another person. Usually the designs are made from an endlessly interweaving line that many people interpret as meaning eternity, interconnection, or the complexity of creation. Shield knot designs represent protection, and it is speculated that the complexity of the interwoven lines was meant to confuse and ward off evil spirits or bad luck. And there is the triskele design with three spirals that may mean reincarnation or pregnancy. Irish wedding rings with Celtic knots sometimes include Gaelic phrases such as “gra go deo” that means love forever.

You may also notice that Celtic knots have a meditative quality as your eye travels the line of the design. Irish wedding rings offer you a little chance to contemplate your relationship on your finger every day. While expressing your kinship with Irish tradition, Irish wedding rings based on Celtic knots can promote thoughtfulness toward your marriage with their intriguing complexity and unity.

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