International Titanium Jewelry Prices Drop 50 Percent

International Titanium Jewelry Prices Drop 50 Percent

International prices for titanium jewelry have dropped significantly, following the widespread adoption of new manufacturing processes.

Titanium ring designer Eric Pless says that high global demand for titanium jewelry has made investing in large-scale high-tech machinery financially viable for manufacturers in developing countries. This enables designers in industrialized nations to rapidly produce so-called "discount" inventory by outsourcing production.

"What we're seeing are discounts of more than 50%, thanks to new processes that can efficiently replicate handmade titanium jewelry. This is sure to make Christmas shopping a little easier on the wallet for many people."

The average price of a handmade titanium ring can be between $200 to $500, however this figure rises if expensive materials, such as diamonds, are included. The new manufactured discount titanium rings and bands, almost identical to the handmade versions, are currently selling for between $70 to $189 on

Pless says that customers now have a range of new options, such as customizing their own jewelry, but without the considerable cost that this once entailed - if they opt to have their design finished by machine. He also insists that the new "discount" range is simply another option for consumers, with local handmade jewelry still in production and on sale.

"Maybe it's the lesson of the economic crash, but people are switching gear to an attitude of practicality. Titanium is strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic, and beautiful. Now cost-conscious customers get a significant saving too. It's really an unbeatable deal."

Titanium initially made slow headway as a jewelry material several decades ago. Today it is among the most popular materials, along with gold and silver.