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Titanium Rings for Life, Guaranteed for Life

Titanium Rings Finishes

Titanium Finishes

*Please note that while a titanium ring will never tarnish or rust , it will acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear or rough handling. Refinishing will take care of this. However, a titanium ring that has been worn over the years without refinishing will acquire a nice, even, personalized character, similar to a satin finish. Many people find this quite attractive; in fact, many people prefer their own unique finish that comes from wearing their ring. It is evidence of their life in action.

Titanium Ring Finishes

Matte: The matte finish is a more subdued, metallic and less reflective look, the color of steel. This finish follows frost in durability.
Polished: Brilliant and reflective, our polished finish is durable, elegant and eye catching, reflecting the world around you.
Sable: We developed this finish to give you a beautiful and distinguishing look to your ring. Sable consists of softened tones of black and gray in an elegant glowing finish. While the Sable finish is beautiful, it does require extra preventative care as it is the most delicate finish we offer.
Satin: With a reflective quality between Polished and Matte, Satin has a soft glow, subtle and beautiful. This is a finish to treat with care.
Frost: It sparkles in the sun and other well-lit places! Frost is our most durable finish.
Sandblast: This finish sparkles with a charcoal tone and has a somewhat rougher texture. This finish is best for people who tend to be rough with jewelry.

*We replace all our finishes as needed for a fee of $35.00 throughout the life of the ring. If you require this service, refer to our servicing form.