We can make it easy for you when you order our complimentary sizing kit. Simply call us at Toll Free at 866.369.4161, or email

Here are our sizing suggestions:

  1. You may go to any local jewelers and have them size your finger, most jewelers are more than happy to help. We suggest you do this three times since your ring size may fluctuate at different times of the day. Also, keep in mind that jewelers sizing equipment is not standardized. You may want to visit more than one jeweler.
  2. Purchase an inexpensive ring and wear it around to test for comfort and sizing over time. Send the ring to us to use for accurate sizing.
  3. Ask us for a complimentary ring sizing kit! One of the easiest ways to get it right the first time is to place your order and when selecting ring size, click on “send ring sizer” located as the last option in the size menu. We will mail a ring sizing kit out to you the same day holding your order as pending ring size. This allows us to get very accurate ring sizing.
  4. If you need to get a Ring Size for a Surprise Gift without the person knowing it, be creative and enlist one of their friends.
    1. Have the friend try on one of their rings. Then have the finger on which the ring fits properly measured.
    2. The friend could take her/him shopping. One thing leads to another and there they are, in a jewelry store getting sized, of all things!
    3. Try and get a hold of one of their rings and have it measured.