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Titanium Rings for Life, Guaranteed for Life

Comfort Fit Rings

Comfort Fit RingsAre our rings comfort fit?

Our rings are better than comfort fit. We make contour fit rings! To explain, the inside edges are perfectly shaped for maximum comfort fit against the webbing of your finger and the sides of our rings are rounded not flat or sharp (as so many others manufacturers rings are, take a look at their rings & ask yourself if you really want a ring with flat, not so comfy sides?) With a contour fit the middle of the inside is flat such that the ring does not rock on the finger as it can on the arc of a comfort fit ring. Nor does it sit too high on the finger (could snag easily), or dig into the finger as I have seen so many comfort fit rings do. It took us some time to find this perfect design and all of our customers love it! We call it the contour fit.