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Titanium Rings for Life, Guaranteed for Life

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Boone Titanium Rings

Boone Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings Studio has now teamed up with Bruce Boone to offer you a more extensive selection of titanium rings including Boone's exclusive exotic Hardwood Inlay designs and Executive Series rings. Boone Rings also offers a complete line of solid Titanium Mokume Gane rings which are so unique you really have to see them to truly appreciate their beauty. Bruce also uses unique precious metals Mokume Gane inlays in solid titanium rings. Each titanium ring is crafted by Bruce Boone from solid titanium and custom made to your exact needs. They are machined using computer controlled equipment for extreme accuracy to sizing standards, and each piece is finished by hand for attention to detail and quality.

Titanium rings have distinct advantages over rings made of other materials. Titanium is much harder than gold, silver, or platinum, and it resists the dents or dings they get. For this reason, many people with gold rings also get titanium rings for everyday use. The finish doesn't tarnish, and it's much less expensive than platinum. You won't find any allergic reactions or skin discoloration from titanium. This is why titanium is used in bone implants and medical devices. The first thing you will notice about these rings is the weight, or lack of it. Titanium rings weigh one quarter of the weight of the same rings in platinum or tungsten rings. They are so light and comfortable, you feel as though you're not wearing a ring at all. Boone titanium rings are crafted from 6AL4V aerospace grade titanium for strength and in a super 8-1-1 grade as well.